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Re: No more IRC

Originally Posted by Munkee View Post
I wouldn't believe the media hype. Telegram were one of the first publicised by media to offer encrypted communication.
So you're saying they're great because of media hype, but I shouldn't believe it?

c2s encryption has been on most services for a long time. The "media hype" claiming TG was special was because TG devs pushed it as a major selling point. The first point on their front page "Why switch to Telegram" says "Private - Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.".

They don't loudly say e2e encrypted everywhere, but they make a lot of claims about privacy/security that are based on "secret chats". "Secret chats" are still not enabled by default and are not available for group chats.

Note that Whatsapp is all e2e now, including groups, and has been for a while. And they're owned by Facebook. And that's using published, open algorithms that TG could adopt if they wanted.

I've read their FAQ, and advanced FAQ, many times. Because I want to like it. But it's bad. I think more through incompetence than ill intent, but it's still bad.
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