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Re: New Cov op

Originally Posted by Cow View Post
Next round, could we have a covop that makes it possible to hack and send fake recall msgs?
No. People would just stop trusting in-game recall mails and not recall until they heard from someone on IRC/Slack/tg/wa

Originally Posted by TheoDD View Post
Telecom Disturbance: Unable to report or show signs of incomings for the next 1 - 6 ticks.

No incoming show on gal or ally display while affected by this.
Length affected based on agents used. (Example 10 agents 1 tick, 60 agents 6 ticks.) Kinda like Havoc.
No. Allies would just go back to external tools so members could report their own incs as soon as they saw them. This would be a disadvantage to small allies that don't have the means to run external tools.

Originally Posted by Makhil View Post
info that could be useful in an Intel Gathering cov op:
- target is online/offline (this one used to show on some scan i think).
- target government
- target population settings

Originally Posted by Blue_Esper View Post
maybe one that reduces population be 5% for 3 ticks?

Originally Posted by Adapt View Post
I think blowing up roids is ridiculous it would be cool if instead of blowing them up you could steal them, ofcorse there would need to be a formula in place so it does not get abused, for example you have two attempt's a day to steal a maximum of 6 roids, that would mean the blowing up aspect could be completely removed as I don't see any use in it.
YES! 6 seems a little low though.
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