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Re: How CBA killed Seductive

Originally Posted by Virall View Post
Cardi destroyed Seductive. Appreciate you wanted revenge etc but you lost CBA one wave and this wreaks, as did the announcement in #planetarion of you wanted to be known as the guy who took them down. I like you a lot Caj, and you played your part, but Cardi took a lot of members and from that moment one it was curtains.
Agree with this. Caj's dramatics didn't really have any impact.

Cardi is the true troll here, by napping Ult until t800, randomly building a block, breaking the nap and then joining the side he had just built a block against for a laugh.

I can understand CBA reacting negatively upon hearing half his tag was about to defect to the side he'd just declared war on.

Overall it highlights the highly toxic nature of PA and especially some of its leading political figures. Based on that, I'd say its an ever improving simulation of global politics! #cardi4UNsecretarygeneral #makelithgreatagain
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