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Re: New Alliances for R42...

Originally Posted by Kaiba View Post
we have 70 man tags at the moment and we still get blocks so lowering the tag and having blocks isnt any different - the lower the tags the more tags you have - the more blocks you can have too. It wilkl make the race for 1st more diverse and fun and the politics are a lot more crucial to the round
Lets ignore the fact that lowering the tag limit will force alliances to kick members who may not want to find a new home anywhere else (i.e. not resulting in 100% of people still playing and in new organised alliances).

but blocks would be substantially different if you lower the tag limit.

Lets take now
80vs80vs80vs80vs80 seems fair
now a block forms, its 240 vs 160
with 100% participating in attacks, it's 240 vs 80.. that's 3 waves on every planet in a tag when ptargetting.
If we take into account that we don't ever see 100% participation as the round progresses and that they require team-ups rather than solo attacks plus the additional defense available in gals. It becomes a much more sensible 180 vs 110-130 when ptargetting.
Conclusion: current tag size allows an alliance not to get completely owned in one night by a block.

Now lets go with reducing the tag limit to 40 and that everyone that's playing now will be playing then.
40vs40vs40vs40vs40vs40vs40vs40.. fair start.
now a block forms:
240 vs 160.. still seems the same?
240 vs 40 is what happens when the block decides to attack one alliance.
180 vs 70-90 defense available with galaxy's help.
Conclusion: its more than possible to completely own a tag in one night.

Then lets talk about the end of the round? How the hell is a tag with 40 members going to try to defend there #1 planet (or top planets) in the last week? It'll be so easy to overwhelm them, its difficult now but more than possible for an organized alliance.

If the tag limit gets lowed, you'll be turning PA into a clusterf*ck where you've taken any amount of skill out of the game and it becomes a case of having to avoid incomings at all costs which will result in alot more stagnation rather than more competition. You'll be giving blocks more power, not giving them less.

I agree alliance politics should have a place in PA but they should not be everything involved in the game.

but then i can get onto the subject of wither lowering the tag limit will result in many more alliances being created. The best alliances? how will they react to a lowered tag limit? one of two ways, split the alliance in two and work together effectively as one tag (which makes the tag limit obsolete) or they'll keep there best members and kick any casual, inactive, or semi-inactive member.

What will happen then? In your magical world, you're thinking that these casuals, inactives and semi-inactives will suddenly decide they want to play active and step up as HC/DC/BC. In reality, they wont have an alliance to join or at least decent one which could actually fight for #1. You'll effectively be trimming the casuals and inactives out of the game.

Why the hell does this argument come up every round. If you're sitting there wanting to setup a 40man alliance, just go and do it. There are many smaller alliances or BG's which have managed to have fun for many rounds in PA. The only reason i can think of that you havent done it, is that you actually cant be bothered.
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