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Re: New Alliances for R42...

Originally Posted by Kaiba View Post
we have 70 man tags at the moment and we still get blocks so lowering the tag and having blocks isnt any different - the lower the tags the more tags you have - the more blocks you can have too. It wilkl make the race for 1st more diverse and fun and the politics are a lot more crucial to the round
its a common misunderstanding to think more parties make better politics...

instead of lowering the taglimit, i am all for completely removing it
- and if we end with just 2 alliances (i donīt think we will) whats the problem with it !?

remove the taglimit (keep the counting score at somewhat) and allow new players to join a TOP Alliance...
Allow em to play with People ending in top100, allow em to have fun and learn.

With restricting members to join the Alliance they would like to be in - we restrict PA from growing a memberbase - and thats only partly the problem of the diffrent alliances.
While some would probably stay invite only, others would open up their least if they can manage to manage a huge tag.

There is a ton of Possibilities to handle a huge tag without having to give up the top guys...
for exampel def priorities, def points or other priorities (diffrent Member-Levels)...

And thats where i would start to change the game...add more possibilities to the ingame alliance feature....for a start setting priority defence levels for members...maybe start with 3 diffrent lvlīs (i think more will be needed), but it would be a start...

For Alliances not relying on ingame tools, its even easier. And without having the need to have 20 diffrent tags, you donīt need 20 diffrent coders anymore, which seems to be the biggest problem in running an alliance with external tools...

m0 saying HI, well knowing probably nothing will be changed on PAīs code for a while, if not forever... (hint: i am sure they code a PA2 instead)
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