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Re: New Alliances for R42...

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Not to look on bad side as I'm all for lower tag limits but you lower tag and if ya ally gets gang raped it be over within a week doesn't matter who you are small ally tags will provide mass rappage so an ally who deserves to win gets gang banged last 3 days of round not a chance in hell of defending as you don't have the buffer you currently have unless you impose 40 counted and 60 player tag that might work
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I find that reading Demort's posts without taking a breath can make them more bearable
<@Sun_Tzu> nolez is correct

Round 13 - Angels - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Rank 21
Round 16 - Ascendancy - when im gd im not gd of when im bad i suck - Rank 56
Round 28 - Ascendancy - The Olympic Glory of Michael Phelps - Rank 21
Round 38 - [NFI] - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Rank 30
Round 39 - Imperia - Purdue of Boilermakers - Rank 59
Round 40 - xVx - An Shi Rebellion of the Tang Dynasty - Rank 2

I'll always give you a hand.
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