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Re: Mil Centres

Imo, the top 1 and 3 didnt get there because XP/Mcs are broken but because they were escorted by other 10~12 planets during 80% of the round. That may seem unfair, but it is not different than grounding 2 or 3 alliances in order to defend one planet/gal.

Also, the usual small club who seems to share the top spots every round are very determined to not let their rivals inside the club win, but do not care much about outsiders. In addition to that, the fight for gal and ally usually comes first in priority.

The usual groups who are doing this strategy are not in the main alliances, they don't have a backup that could protect their members and they dont have much value either. Dealing with them should be quite simple. So why nerfing MCs?
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