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Re: Round 74 Predictions

Originally Posted by BloodyButcher View Post
If everyone knew that you c*cks*ckers started with your "IF YOU WANT TO NAP KITTENZ U HAVE TO NAP VGN/ND/LIONZ/APP/THERISING/PATSA/HR ASWELL" long before ticks even started perhaps they wouldve left you earlier last round. So please, go ahead.

KittenZ has been ruining PA for far too long allready, thank god you seem to be gone as a alliance allready. Its kinda impressive someone without any political integrity, who based their whole existent on pre-round mega blocks and personal vendetta wars even lasted as long as you did.

KittenZ is the reason there has been a non app/ult winner for 2 rounds now. But if that means a ruined game, ok. I can live with the statement as the two supposedly strongest tags probably would deserve the win. Luckily their competition towards each others opens up the game for some others too.

Barking the wrong tree with your misinformation. Ask your leaders some facts before u go further. r73 we had 2 official political deals, NAP with ND and allie with VGN. Oh and one ceasefire of 100ish ticks with Norse.

Wasn't it u doing personal vendettas round 72 killing your tag. Maybe you are mixing bows and KittenZ?

We are around as u know, so stop the nonsense. Also 2 new tags has arisen from our lines. So dunno really what are you complaining about.
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