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Re: MASSIVE abuse of Scanning

Originally Posted by Neferti
just a few hours before this scan abuse thing i was in #support when a newbie came in asking how much score stuff gave him. Kal said that scanning gave twice as much score as anything else per resource, so this newbie was contemplating just doing scans for the rest of the round.

this to me suggests the thing was a feature. you can't put features like this in the game and expect them not to be abused! it's also a little stupid if it's true that you lose score for scanning now; typical overcompensating...

all resources used in scanning in the 48 ticks in question should be returned. this is the only way to resolve this issue properly.
I agree.

And i find it very hard to believe that the scanning was the cause of serverproblems, why would all "abusers" scan 2-3mins before tick? Seems like your servers has problems with the ticker.

Why not just reduce score from scans to the same as building ships? or maybe same score as resources give? It would be common sence to do that.. But you had to give first twice the score, than 10% of the res score...
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