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Re: MASSIVE abuse of Scanning

Originally Posted by Kal
I'm going to step in here and say something that will piss a lot of people off..... I reported this as a possibility some time ago and have been working with spinner to find a better formula for round 11 (I will be interested to know what he implmented for this round). The reason it is an exploit is the the only way to do enough scans to break the game is to in essence be doing a jp of a single target repeatedly forever. That is not normal use of the scannign feature and hence can be regarded as abuse of the game.

In a way I am dissapointed that the bug was not fixed when I reported it, but I will forgive people becuase its near the end of the round, and SPinner has been lsitening to improve things for round 11.

Note: I do not say it was a bug, as it was intented - just a feature which can be abused - i term it "XP farming"
What about those not using a script? It's possible to do like 2-4 scans/secs manually, and it wasn't a bug that you guys gave suchs a high score for it.

And why take action now? Two days before the end? What about certain planets with 7-8mill score and 1mill value? If the admins say they havent seen that planet before now, i dont believe you.

How was this meeting when you found out to give 2x score for scanning than building ships?...
"We give twice the score for scanning than building ships, which means a planet with 2k roids can boost like a planet with 4k roids if he wants too. We don't expect this to make people scan alot." ???...
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