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Re: MASSIVE abuse of Scanning

Originally Posted by Barrow|Pony
The only possible reason you'd be posting here is to satiate some burning desire to legitimize yourselves in the eye of the public opinion, its hard to believe that arguments over resources would be won or lost here, as opposed to in private communcication with the creators.
This is not an argument for us to get anything back, it can not be that, for the simple fact that PA has already killed itself so many times by not listening to the players, I never expect it to change.
What this is, is defence of my actions, and it is not an "attempt" to legitimise my actions. It is already solid fact I used an appropriate and valid gameplay method.

Originally Posted by Barrow|Pony
I don't intend to call you ignorant or stupid, I simply think that the course of action you and your galaxy members took isn't one that is ethically sound. The game suffered because of what your galaxy did, and either you didn't realize that, or you conciously subjected the game and its players to the reprocussions of your actions. Either one - its not kosher.
Ethically my arse. It's a strategy game, if you want ethics, maybe this game shouldn't allow attacking, since that's not ethically sound. Maybe we shouldn't allow scanning, since invasion of privacy, isn't ethically sound. Sorry bud, but playing the game in any facet of strategy, is perfectly fine.

20 people apparently were scanning at the time the servers came down, and Spinner trapped the people scanning, and hence penalised them based on that fact.
Firstly, our galaxy doesn't have 20 planets.
Secondly, check the timezone, and feel free to check if I was online. Money on the fact I was not, since I was sleeping.
Thirdly, check my rank history, I barely dropped, since for the last week or more I have scanned maybe 100 times, for the plain fact that our galaxy had made guidelines that we would not scan till the last day or two. Hence I didn't lose score from any removed scans.

I argue here, to defend a perfectly valid tactic that our galaxy positioned itself into for the finale of the round, it is the upcoming end of round that I am angered about, not the past.

Originally Posted by Leshy
You may not take any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.
Yogi has stated this answer in another thread.
I would agree that a large load created by an individual could be deemed as abuse of the servers. But as my tests and that of my galmates has proven that each time we scanned, the servers were fine.
As EULA's go by exact wording, none of us imposed an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on Planetarions infrastructure.
It was only when multiple people at the same time did this that the server had a problem coping.
And none of those people conspired to do it at the same time, or even had knowledge that their actions were inline with others.

Originally Posted by Barrow|Pony
If the rules become subjective, nobody wins.
Exactly, everyone should have the same rules imposed on them. Small alliance scanners get score from scans, so should big planets. Thanks for standing up for us.

Originally Posted by General Martok
Because the planets Barrow meant scanned for a PURPOSE, not just for the score? You think the wrong way around maty...
Goodo, so that means that when you attack to fleetcatch, you shouldn't get roids, because that's not your purpose ? Or maybe if you attack for roids, you can't kill ships ?
Scanning is the purpose, and score is the result.

I'll tell you my purpose, I wanted to scan a planet to see when he gained defence, I scanned every second because it is quite legitimate and fair for me to keep an eye on his defence.
So now there is purpose. Scans will now go back to normal, and our score restored.
Thanks. If you have a problem with this, get a clue.

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