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Re: MASSIVE abuse of Scanning

Originally Posted by Barrow|Pony
Sonny - while you make valid points, not once did you address any of my arguments.

While not written in stone, the purpose behind the 'score for scans' development had to have been to reward planets that dedicated their time, energy, and resources to scanning. I'm fairly sure even we can agree on that.

If you had used those resources to scan with purpose, you might have a legitimate claim, but you werent. You may have not exploited a bug, per say, but you did exploit the intentions of Planetarion.

I would also suggest your resources be returned, unfortunately, the scripts you used to scan 5 times in one second would erase that sympathy, and I'd like to see your planets closed.
You're ignorance astounds me.

Go click on the scan link a few times per second. The page doesn't reload, and you can drill through hundreds of scans in a minute or two. All that needs to happen is for the page request to be sent, and the DB gives the score.

Go test it for me, and when you're actually educated on the topic, try again.

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