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Re: On this day

Originally Posted by ChroNOS View Post
Killmark bot army in r6 (literally crashed the servers)

Massive revolt on Legion/Fury in r3, Game's knocked out from #1 (Often overshadowed by the one on Sid, but the attack on Game was way bigger, despite being more chaotic)
Revolt attack was awsome, I believe it was 2000 planets all launching at the #1, all attackers died in a glorious fire as it was announced weeks in advance. There was no organisation, it was just a call to launch at a given time. I'm pretty sure it was round 4, that was the first round I played and I remember the revolt attack.

This is no-where near the largest, but Coctau's fleetcatch at the end of round 12 that knocked his planet and their galaxy from #1 might have had the most of a single ship launched at it.
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