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Re: Scythe - The Aftermath. Scimitar: The Future.

pretty good then. at least your all sure that im the worst thing that ever happened to scythe. well seeing as i set up scythe with yust me and a friend in it for a laugh... i think i did pretty well.
how can i be the worst thing that happened to it anyways. if they really didnt like me then they would have left!! when i left scythe, several other members did also, saying that the reason for their leaving was (and i quote) "i miss lurchie". so to be fair, i cant have of been that bad. why dont you ask someone who was there for a while... sparcks the head of this new scimitar alliance... he wasnt in scythe for that long. 2 weeks at most. but people. before you all slag me down to the ground. know your facts. please
i have a friend in tgv. we go up to the pub a lot to play pool and the like, and several times we have been there, i have said that i wanted to close down scythe. yes i did start a war and leave. but when i did leave i then surrendered.
i left scythe instead of closing it down as i knew that there would be 84 pa players running around like headless chickens trying to def themselves. the new players who had just joined and were of little score at all still didnt know the game. what would they do?
this is why i left instead of closing scythe. i dont want to screw up everyone else's games aswell, just because ive screwed up mine.

im really not the worst person.
you say i am the biggest noob. i admit i am a noob. only played 4.5 rounds. so if that counts as a newbie. then what can i say?
if scythe crumbles without me, then i couldnt of been a bad HC... that means that i was the pillar for scythe. holding it strong.

aka - Noob
Ex Scythe HC
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