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Re: Round 56 shipsstats

Its the "cloacked" excuse that makes up for it Clouds.
Having 1 strong xan ship is simply too much, so better just overall make the ships ok at best.

From my personal view on xan: they are supposed to be a mix of fastest init kill ships, good D/C, and crap A/C. Lately its just crap a/c, crap d/c and not even fastest inits...

Every time i see ter able to attack into xans because of stats i cry alittle. (which again is almost every bloody round lately) Why should ter outinit, out armour, and still have a decent d/c against xans roiding classes?

Best xan stats lately was r53, where fi actually were "strong", except against xan. And yet Ter "dominated" the top 100...

Balance is key...
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