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Re: R68, who plays? who wins?

Originally Posted by Sandvold View Post
So much untrue statements in this post.

1. P3n and norse decided to hit bows togehter (not sure who approached who). Then after 1-2 nights p3n decide to nap bows without telling norse. Letting us fight bows and nd.

2. We kept fighting with bows/nd for quite a few days with Munkee telling that p3n would soon join in. Just wait for tick xx when nap expires. Ending up with p3n extend nap instead.

That's when norse decided oh f this. Let support ult for win. As a direct reaction from p3n's actions. p3n threw us under the bus twice. And bows were hitting us with another alliance. If bows had hit us alone, or p3n hadn't trown us under the bus we probably never would have supported ult.

p3n have never been the saviours of the univers. They've basically always been lets fight a foe for two days if it doesn't work out we'll nap em instead.

Stop blaiming anyone except ppl in your own ranks. We had a cooperation going but some wise leader you have decided to destroy that.
we are getting closer towards the truth, arn't we ?

This sound a lot diffrent towards your original posts like

Originally Posted by Sandvold View Post
We attacked p3n long before Ult joined in, so actually have nothing to do with helping ult.

We started hitting p3n for totally different reasons then support for ult.

Originally Posted by Sandvold View Post
P3n basically threw us under the bus x2. Also they had their fair share of hitting the smaller alliances. We came to a point were we couldn't be arsed to just idle.

Ye we napped ult and said we were gonna support them if p3n came at them, but we started hitting p3n long before ult came. And never discussed with ult that we should hit em.

This was our own choice and it still is.

We've been asked why the war is still going on and basically if we stop hitting p3n everyone is left to hit bows. Which seems idiotic and boring. If we only played to support ult stop hitting p3n would prob be the smartest choice so bows could be bashed. So for us it's basically hit p3n, hit bows with every other alliance in PA or idle.

As far as I know we have had minimal coordination with ult on hitting p3n.

Also reason why the small alliances joined vs p3n in the start was because they were tired of getting ptargeted by p3n, which did that instead of fight vs the top.
however truth has its very own ways which is strongly connected to the side of the river where you're sitting on

p3n napping bows made you support ult
p3n bashing bows would have meant bows support ult
- but apparently you would be sticking to p3n when ult comes to payback ?
hard to believe, when i remember the words: "yeah we napped up ult, but no worries we wont interfere with you and ult" - when you started targeting us shortly after.

truth said if it was 100% known bows would support ult no matter if p3n hit em or not, we most likely wouldn't have stopped hitting em and nap em, however there was a slim hope for bows to be an ally against ultores at some point (according to what bows said there werent tied with ult preticks) - so that was the primary reasons for us to nap bows
- unfortunately the round has tought us diffrent in the end

for how much incs you had to face because of p3n napping up rainbows - i don't know about that
i havnt talked to anyone of you guys at that stage myself
all i know is that you complained about it some days later and then napped up ult

from what i am told, you were well aware of us ceasefiring bows though

p3n's decission to trust in rainbows beeing a friend against ult was deffo the wrong decission
you guys jumping ship at the first sign of trouble doesnt hold much greatness either though
- and sorry to say, i don't believe youd have kept your word on supporting us against ult if the block to fight would have been ult/rainbows/vgn/ultsupporters
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