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Re: R68, who plays? who wins?

Originally Posted by M0RPH3US View Post
ur right - at tick 300 (which is just an assumption, it could have been tick 288 or 377 for that matter) there was no block hitting p3n.

p3n had some fights with bows/vgn, while norse faced some hostilities with ND if i am not mistaken

p3n and bows settled for peace, but bows explained that they wouldnt be supporting anyone hitting ultores, or hit them themselves at any point of the round!

1 of the 2 or 3 nights followed where p3n ptargeted VGN btw (not in a row) - which was done, as VGN were takin the piss with p3n in the little "war" with rainbows makin it feel like VGN was the second tag of rainbows

at the same time norse decided to support ultores for roundwin! They did it telling us we wouldnt have to worry, they'd stay outside of any war between ult and p3n...
2 nights later they started targeting us

now knowing bows wouldnt help on ultores and obviously norse neither - what do you think would have happend if p3n decided to put up a fight with ultores ?
thats 3 of the top4 allies blocked

Yes we could have waged another glorious but doomed war, like we did in so many rounds before - but why is it on p3n to be the saviours of the universe ? or why did it have to be ct in so many rounds before ?
because everyone is too chicken or simply to close connected with ultores and their likes ?

really cba with the same shit over and over again - and tbfh i dont even blame ultores for it, they been around so many rounds, ofc they are tied up everywhere

the community is rotton to the bone - simply because the universe has become way too small and to tied up to each other

no i am not whining about p3n beeing smashed or loosing another round, its the fact that the next and also the very next and also the round after the very next will be the exact same shit politics and there is little to nothing you can do to stop it

ppl are tied to each other and protect each other, thats the bottom line, you can't prevent this to happen as long as those tied players make 30% and more of the active playerbase

i love this game
- no matter if i am on the loosing (usually am ) or winning side -
but maybe we got to the point where it is better to pull the plug
So much untrue statements in this post.

1. P3n and norse decided to hit bows togehter (not sure who approached who). Then after 1-2 nights p3n decide to nap bows without telling norse. Letting us fight bows and nd.

2. We kept fighting with bows/nd for quite a few days with Munkee telling that p3n would soon join in. Just wait for tick xx when nap expires. Ending up with p3n extend nap instead.

That's when norse decided oh f this. Let support ult for win. As a direct reaction from p3n's actions. p3n threw us under the bus twice. And bows were hitting us with another alliance. If bows had hit us alone, or p3n hadn't trown us under the bus we probably never would have supported ult.

p3n have never been the saviours of the univers. They've basically always been lets fight a foe for two days if it doesn't work out we'll nap em instead.

Stop blaiming anyone except ppl in your own ranks. We had a cooperation going but some wise leader you have decided to destroy that.
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