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well i have not posted here for a while so here is another tactic (I don't think it has been said before). This tactic is probably best used at a time of war or for smaller players where the chances of defence at unuseual launch times.

The Fleet Dodge:
This tactic is similer to the fleet catch but instead of aiming to land the same tick their fleet gets back you aim to land the tick before. Although it can work with any classes of ship as people are generally reluctant to recall defence. It works best when it is done when your fleet has a faster eta that the retirning fleet so the can't choose to recall and defend instead of landing. The aim of this attack is to land when your targets ships that target you attack fleet will not be home. So if the targets defence ships verses your attack ships are also their attack ships you can use this to your advantage. In the current round a good example of this would be attacking cath while their cruisers are out with destroyers. As destroyers are faster than cruisers you can time it so they will have no cruisers home (unless they build some more) and as currently caths only anti-destroyer ships are their cruisers (roaches) they would have to rely on others to defend them.
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