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Re: World of Warcraft

As far as the pvp system is going, I know a hunter who scored 700 kills in one day, he got 1900 contribution points.

I know a warrior who scored 152 kills in one day, he got 2300 contribution points.

The difference?

The hunter got all his at Hillsbrad, the Warrior got his out in high level zones mainly 1v1 or even against the odds.

As for it being hit and miss on yank servers, I blame that partially at the moment on too many servers being still ridiculously high pop, Mannoroth before the pvp patch still couldn't handle an Azuregos raid during peak hours, the GM eventually had to despawn the beast so the server would stay up.

As it stands pvp on the busier servers is very much, who makes the first move and get's the run of the lag (i.e. lack of) as it's thoroughly entertaining to have a Slideshow of a 37 man zerg come and wipe out your 35 person zerg unable to do anything cause the servers will only respond to the first x amount of users to make more concerted moves and hence gain priority with regards to latentcy.

Hastily implemented (prolly ahead of the fact that the 6 month expiry date on them subscriptions are up soon) without any solution yet demonstrated to handling massive population concurrency in zones.

I've currently moved to the lowest pop server on the yank servers where everything is royally enjoyable and you feel more compelled to assist your fellow man now when there is some dirty pvp'ing going on. Certainly not unplayable for anyone of any level with regards to the ruleset, just unplayable for those who co-habit a server that cannot support the server population and density.


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