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LCD monitor dilemmas :(

Hi there guys, Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place but I really need some of my questions answered.

Basically I have just bought a Samsung 245b 24" monitor and as well as using it as my monitor I will also want to sit back a little and watch my divx/avi/mpg etc media through this without having the PC on.

I dont want a multimedia player instead I was thinking of a DVD Divx player that has a USB connection where I can hook up my 500GB external HD and watch content straight off that without having my PC on.

Now the DVD player I have bought only upscales to 720p (not 1080p) I was wondering if:

1. Is it possible to watch my Divx/AVI/MPEG content at 720p, let alone 1080p? If so then I should send back my DVD player and consider one that upscales to 1080p?

2. Even if the upscalling of 1080p only applys to legitimate DVD disks do you think it would still be wise to purchase one for the occasional times I watch legitimate DVDs or is it better to just wait for blu ray disks to drop in price or perhaps get a PS3?

3. Is this monitor HD compatiable, and also compatible with when everything goes to digital next year (Sky, cable etc). Surely it is as it can display resolutions higher then 1080p, it only has a VGA and DVI output but I think this can be resolved.

If I were for example to plug in a Blu Ray player (with a HDMI - DVI converter so it plugs into the monitor) would my monitor display the Blu Ray content at true 1080p HD resolution?

4. Is it possible to connect a freeview box to my LCD monitor (HDMI - DVI again) (and no I dont want to use a freeview TV card in my PC as I want to watch TV out of my monitor without the PC on)

5. Finally, is digital optical output better sound quality than digital coaxial output, if so then I should look for a DVD player that supports digital optical out?

Many thanks really appreicate this, really hope you can help me with this.


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