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Re: The final word on how roiding works (!)

Originally Posted by Ceadrath
i had a situation that hasn't been mentioned, and it's sorta screwed up.

I landed the same tick as someone else, different ship classes. The guy being attacked left most of his ships at home, freezing all of the fi that i had sent. My fleet was entirely frozen, and if i'd have landed alone then i would have got no roids, and yet i came away with 18 roids, which is what i would have got if none of my fleet had been frozen due to distribution of roids based on fleet size.

So i managed to steal roids despite having my whole fleet being frozen, which i'm sure is not the way it's meant to work.

I have the battlereports saved if you want to look at them, but i can't post them because of the coords
Yes this happens, it works around if you have enough pods in the fleet to cap your share. So long as between the attackers there are enough pods firing to max cap, the roids get shared out as Remy said, even if only one of the attackers pods actually fired.
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