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Originally found by: Samurai/Puc and team of other main figures.

The Black Knights [TBK] was created to play TC after PA came p2p, that would be around year 2000. The alliance was started by Samurai. After a round, from the mass recruited crew, the pearls were selected to form CaRnage. Puc was playing a main role in setting the team up, shortly “taken over” by Avenger, who also expanded the work to other games.

From the early start we have challenged the top and will do so in the future. We play to win, but not by any cost.

CaRn has become known mainly in TC and in DoM where we have spiced up the rounds with our existence and with a huge level of participation to main battles during the rounds. We are known by the great attitude and team spirit that we hold. Nowadays it is also more about the pure community.

We bring and train new players to the community every round. It has helped us to create high quality core, which is competitive and loyal. Many players who went thru our school became command figures on their next alliances/teams... Most of them has also returned at some point. We teach everyone good healthy basics to enter gaming world. Play clean by the rules, respect/help friends around, follow orders when required. take challenges and learn to battle.

Our goal is always to play as independent as possible, but sometimes universal politics, alliance sizes or similar requires us to take political steps too. Often we take them mainly to balance the rounds to get interest for all, not cause of own advantages. Not that there are anything wrong particularly in offering best to your own members too.

Big thanks to our ex and current leaders/command who helped us successfully thru all these rounds. Also thanks to the core for being there to support the new players and carrying the responsibility of top player in an alliance. U sure deserve a lot more than u have achieved with us, but u have proven your worth and quality and can't think any better company to play with. Anyone throwing dirt on u, clearly has no clue or don't know u at all. U receive all my respect.

To the present.
CaRn is up to play round 75 with a lovely spice up from IsA inside the crew. With a long mixed history. We started here under name KittenZ, due having external friends to join us, but it feels more like a home under own name.

We do not care about players score, only thing that matters is their participation to our work.

We still respect same values:
- Good challenging attitude
- Positive spirit
- Teamplay
- Activity, a lot matters how efectively you use your online times.

Recruitment: Invite only! Status: filling the tag.

The harder they come, The harder they fall!
If the opponent resists, CaRnage there will be!

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