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Re: IDE to SATA Guide

In Stage 3 of your tut. you say install the SATA drivers into Windows. How would I exactly do this?
I assume you mean that I should install the drivers into Windows on my IDE drive so that when I clone that to my SATA drive the drivers for the SATA controller will be cloned in too and the SATA drive should boot into Windows OK?
I can find no way of installing the SATA drivers to my IDE Windows partition. If I right click on the file Si3112r " Setup information" , I get the option "Install" but clicking this does nothing. Do I have to load the files (drivers) in manually one by one? If so where do they go?
So to recap, how do I accomplish Stage 3?


OOPPS! A jumper was set to disable SATA ( blush). Once fixed, Windows found new hardware and installed the driver from the CD.
Just maybe, someone else who is struggling with this same problem might find they have made the same mistake , so I won't delete the post . Cheers!

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