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Re: Forts and whining

Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
when amazing friends quits the game bcoz they cant spend time dcing, that means something is broke.
If rely on members, to stay all night long dcing, for many days, is the way u want pa for next rounds, something is wrong.
95% of the PA community doesn't spend all night dc'ing. And if people are willing to BC themselves for attacks, it stands to reason that there should be a flipside to that anyway. You're arguing that people should be rewarded for putting minimal effort into the game and still be successful, which is absurd.

And it's a bullshit argument anyway. You don't need to spend all night dc'ing to do well at the game, and every alliance on the game has someone that DC's for the people who aren't online.

You just want to be able to rank again from a week or two of 20 man escorts at the end of the round, after being pretty much useless for the other 90% of it.
Originally Posted by JonnyBGood View Post
Can people please stop pretending they have no chance of winning at tick 300, you just end up looking retarded later.
^^^^ Can you blv that sh*t?

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