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Reset time?

Seriously folks, 17 of top 20 players are one race, defense is nigh impossible when incoming is heavy due to slower eta on defense ships. The first set of allies to block cam and will strip the universe of roids in 48 hours. Defenders can't block up, because defending outside of tag is not eta-1.

There are many players including myself who feel these are the worst Pa stats, and most unbalance race stats, in the history of Pa.

Have the courage to admit that this is a round that few people will want to finish out and please reset the universe with adjusted specs to make this a round worth playing. Reeee-ject, start over.

Yeah, some of the Xans who are high on a bunch of recent successful attacks in dominating the top 20 will say "these specs are great", until they get ptargeted or ally targeted and lose 90% of their roids in a day, then they will be whining too. Look at Kia and watch how fast 2000 roids can go in and out of one planet. Normally that happens in a whole round, yet it has happened this round in a few days. What's the point?

It is hard enough for defenders to stop blocking allied attackers, because the fundamental structural flaw of Pa is that any number of blockers can attack the same tick, but defenders cannot match the same number of fleets and etas. When 5 million bs attack one gal or ally, it is mathematically impossible to stop it. That's why blocking is inevitable, it always wins. The admins really have to address this and make it possible to amass an equal number of defenders on the same etas. That seems blindingly obvious but round after round the admins favor the blockers by making it so inviting and impossible to stop.

When you start with that flaw and then this round make so many defense ships a higher, slower class than the attacking ships, the round just becomes a fairly pointless roid race without much strategy or fun to be had.

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