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Re: Upcomming r69 drama thread!

Originally Posted by BloodyButcher View Post
Funny thing is that the alliance Offmind has spent 90% of their rounds attacking small tags, or people without tags.
That he claims that 5 tags is reality tags like HR, Illumination, VGN hitting Future after being roided by them/fcked over all round.
If he was so interested in making things exciting, why didnt he help out either App or p3ng when they were both ahead of future last week when they were warring?
Apparently someone needs to attack p3nguins, and that someone is not himself?
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really impressive your capacity to distort the reality!

We didnt want to take part on ULT early gangbang. If we had helped em we were next. If we've joined the gangbang would'nt made any difference, except on pissing ult off... so we stayed neutral, what should we do instead of bottom feeding, please tell me

then CT opened war on us, what last for a week +- (so we didnt fought bottom tags 90% of the round, you're not happy on only distorting words, u need to lie to prove a point)

we are a new alliance, in our opening post we said, just waiting to see who will hit us so we hit bg ack... thats what happened
none of small tags were attacked by us first

where did i said we want to make things excited, i said we want to play a game where people want to win, simple as that.... i have nothing to do with pa politics (thank god) and i probably wouldnt do anything differently..

finishing this creepy reply, ultores counts as almost 2 tags in my opinion. if u join the other 4 that are helping em, each with 30, u have 120, so 180 x 60... whats still a gangbang... but even with this 4 tags, this gangband wouldnt warm us if ultores didnt joined it! so your point has no logic...
and now u want us to attack p3ng, the only alliance that didnt attacked us this round hahaha YOU SHOULD DO STAND UP COMEDY

the way you think is the reason u will never, ever, ever, ever be respected by this community or win anything... some have respect, some have wins, few have both.... u have neither
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