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Re: How to start a brand new alliance or (HC 101) [READ THIS BEFORE POSTING]

To be a good HC, my template would be:

1. Know the game. If you haven't played the game long, or have been away for a number of rounds, then you'll be better off working up as an officer in an alliance rather than just starting your own. Experience more than likely will lead to success.
2. Have an agenda for each round - What are your goals? What do you aim to get out of the round? Be realistic. If you are starting a new alliance and don't have many members then you can build on each round. Create a moto and stick to it.
3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at from a personal level and what are you good at as a group of people? How can you improve?
4. Build a command structure that maximizes on your strengths and attempts to improve where you are weaker. Start from a small group of core people that fulfill each role (defence, attack, intelligence, recruitment) and then recruit to fill in the gaps and expand the numbers.
5. Build an infrastructure - IRC channels, a website, identify tools that your alliance will use for the game. Web forums are great.
6. Plan your round - create targets/milestones for the alliance. How many people should you have by a certain tick? What should your average roid count be? What should the ideal average score be? These will help guide the command group, present a challenge to your members and assist recruitment with benchmarks for members. You may want to consider the ratio of each ingame race. Is it balanced?
7. Form relations with other alliance leaders - Most rounds have been won on politics. You do not have to play on the same side, but you should know and be able to start a dialogue with the heads of other alliances. You should also try to make friends with some of them, in case you can benefit each other later in the round or share intel. This is a very social game.
8. Be dedicated to the task - If you want to be a good HC you need to be accessible and available for large amounts of the time each day.
9. Have fun - if you're not having fun, then why play? If you are having fun then your attitude will be much more positive and this will be reflected within the alliance.
10. Lose the ego - Just because you're the leader that doesn't mean you're any more of a person than the "lowest" member of the alliance. Get over yourself if you have dellusions of grandeur. Ultimately this is just a database with a fancy front end and all you're doing is changing the numbers in it. Be yourself and don't get big headed.
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