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Re: How to start a brand new alliance or (HC 101)

I started an alliance this past round as well. I thought I might share my experience. I do know the essentials to starting and maintaining an alliance. The alliance I started, Empire, merged into Valhalla. After seeing how an alliance should NOT be run. My former members and the quality Valhalla members left to form their own alliance. I, for my own reasons, stepped down and handed my knowledge on to my predecessor.

First things First
Started an alliance isn't something that will happen overnight. You have to be willing to give a solid effort for an alliance. Building an alliance is sometimes a slow process that can take a few rounds. Be willing to start out slow. Are you in an IRC active galaxy, do you have friends that are in an IRC active galaxy? If so, create a joint IRC channel and have the members of each galaxy join it for attacks and defense calls. What you have setup is a sister galaxy. Next, start looking for more galaxies to join your merry bunch. Get as many members from each galaxy to join your new Pact. It doesn't matter if they are in another alliance, you are not asking them to join an alliance, just a defense and attack pact. After all, its for the good of their galaxy. Once you have done this you need to identify your leaders. They should not be hard to pick out. They will be the ones planning attacks, talking strategy, and organizing defense for your Pact. Approach these members about the idea of starting an alliance. Get them on board before approaching anyone else in the Pact.

Next Step
Start to get your technology organized. That means get IRC channels registered and outside forums setup. I know that Planetarion supplies some nice forums in game for your alliance to use, but they are simply to unorganized. Having an organized alliance will set you apart from others when recruiting. You should have several channels. First, create public and private channels. Have all of your members join your public channel right away. Place a key on the public channel to start out with and make sure the channel remains secret. Don't worry about adding all of your members to the public channel to be voiced, oped or whatever. It isn't important at this time. Next, switch your private channel to invite only. This is a more secure method and will make it easier for members to join the channel rather than having to check what the new key is. After all of your members are added, create an attack channel and a defense channel. The attack channel will only have your BC and HC oped and should be invite only. (Defense can also be fun out of the private channel. I find it easier to run defense out of a defense channel that allows for no other chatting. It helps organized defense quicker without an ongoing conversation interrupting you. btw, the defense channel should be invite only as well) Next you need to get your command structure setup. This will vary due to personal preferences but should have the 3 basics, Chief Executive Officer, Executive, and Officers. The CEO will be the leader of the alliance with a High Council to assist with various aspects of command. The officers will be added to help run daily alliance activities such as IRC officer, forum moderator and Battle and Defense commanders. Next you should setup outside forums for your members to join. There are various websites that offer free forums for anyone that signs up. Create public forums, private forums, and HC forums (It would be beneficial to have a member of the alliance that actually knows how to manage forums take care of this if you do not already know how to).

Moving Along
Now that you have all of your technology organized you need to start getting attacks and defense organized in your new channels. I would suggest using an IRC Attack bot. It is free to download and very simple to use once you read the readme.txt file. Have each of your HC and all of your BC's keep a copy of the bot and be able to run the bot on any attack if needed. Your BC's should be in charge of getting the bot up and running in the channel on each and every attack.

Sign on the dotted line
Your next step should be to recruit ACTIVE members. Start by opening your public channel up by removing the key. Let people find your channels and inquire about your alliance. Placing an 'Ad' on the alliance recruitment forums isn't a bad way to recruit. But finding non-alliance members on IRC is even better. If you find them on IRC, chances are they are IRC active. When on IRC type /list and get a list of all of the open public channels on's servers. Then just pop in and start a conversation with the people there. Good channels to look for are possible galaxy channels. It is a possibility that they are not in alliance but are looking. Help them find you. Some people like to message GC's in game, this is not a very effective or respectful way to do recruiting. Most people that get these messages are annoyed by them and just brush them off. Plus, if they are in another alliance, you just gave up the coords to your High Commands galaxy. Not Good. However you find members I strongly suggest that you only recruit on IRC. If they apply on the in game tag, reject them. If they really want to join you they will find you on IRC.

Well that is it for now. Not sure if it will help anyone. Some good resources to check out are:
Forum Hosting:

Attack Bot:


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