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Re: galaxy score suggestion

Originally Posted by Mzyxptlk View Post
I oppose this for the same reason I oppose 'counting members': it turns a portion of the player base into second-class citizens, leading to situations in which they are forced ("encouraged") to crash for the benefit for those who are already on top: "you should crashing your 5m value fleet to save 3 roids on my top planet". For the greater good, the rich man said.
You still can choose crash or not, it's up to you - none can force all your ships to crash. And for the moment you have no chance to get +2/3 members, so the system auto disables you from top galaxy spot.
Check top 5 galaxies - all 10 members, so even you have 9 equal members in other galaxy its basically makes you lose because of 1 player missing. I can agree there is a chance for a win 9 vs 10, but galaxy with 10 players now has bigger advantage. That's why Alliance counting score top 40 is very good idea. So players can play in other smaller Alliances and still have a chance for a win.
Galaxy score suggestion - makes less impact for luck and members count win.
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