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Re: The GD Music Archive

Tom McRae - Self Titled Debut Album ( Acoustic Folky Type Rock)

This album is truly a work of genius. From the harsh stretched vocals on tracks such as Bloodless and The Boy With The Bubble Gun to the uplifting mellow but still wide range of vocal tones on Draw Down The Stars, and 2nd Law to the rock/pop but ultimately depressing End Of The World (Dose Me Up). This album excels. There is not a bad song on the album in my opinion. If you like the style of Damien Rice with a rougher darker edge then this album is for you. Reminds me of Nick Drake. Some people may find that Tom McRae's voice grates on the 1st listen but as you listen to it more and more, you'll ultimately see how rewarding it is. Tom McRae's 2nd album "Just Like Blood" is also worth a mention, as it is just as good if not a bit more uplifting.

Damien Rice - O (Acoustic Folky Type Rock)

I know this has already been mentioned but to be honest it deserves a proper review. O is truly a fantastic album. From the 1st track Delicate with its sweeping vocals and intricate lyrics to the heartfelt The Blowers Daughter ( Which is the title song of the film "Closer") it draws the listener in. The simple instrumental use makes it sound like Damien Rice could have recorded it in your house. Standout tracks on the album for me are Cannonball a soft melodic trawl through the trials and tribulations of breaking up with a girl, to the oceanic harmonies of Cold Water theres a song for every mood in this album. The whole record I find can cheer me up and make me cry in equal measures. The whole tracks lead into each other sublimely so it sounds like your listening to an epic opera esque album. There's even 2 hidden tracks for you to fin incorporated in the last track Eskimo which features back-up singing from an Opera singer. This album is Essential in every way.
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