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Re: Round 60 and beyond

Originally Posted by baggy View Post
Frankly, on a suggestions forum, where another player has taken the time and effort to write out a long post with potential ideas in, I find it hilarious that someone would pick up on only ONE of those points and absolutely slam it whilst disregarding the rest of the suggested items..
Sayeth he not bothering to pick any points and slamming someone who has at least provided a critical opinion on the subject of the thread!

Originally Posted by wades209 View Post
Population (I would get rid of the current system and make this into a new system which players develop. So...

I would have Resources, Construction, Production time, Security and Mining as the same but instead of adjusting you work on a certain branch... For Example
Just like the research tech tree you chose one of the 5 categories set above and after 20 ticks you gain a bonus related to that branch. The 20 ticks would go every 20 ticks until 100 and then change to every 100 ticks. The bonus' I suggest are all a 10% increase in the chosen area maybe capped at 50%. This would hopefully add another dimension to the early strategies and another to compliment governments.
I dont like this as much as the current system for a few reasons. First these are pretty big bonuses; after 100 ticks you could already have a 50% mining bonus, this immensely reduces the strategic considerations in your choice of government because these bonuses are bigger and not one at a time. I suspect it would take a lot of fiddling before it becomes actually balanced.
The second it tactical. The sliders give a lot of tactical choice to shift things around at a moment's notice - mainly when you get incs - this does not. You get incs and you have not done one to help production you are stuck with it. This to me reduces the tactical depth of the game.

That said there might be ways around my objections; rather than gaining a block bonus every 20/100 ticks pop could constantly produce points that you can then allocate allowing a few to be held back in reserve for when quick changes are needed.

Originally Posted by wades209 View Post
two new branches.first in construction upgrades... You have the ability to upgrade cons so for example... The first research would upgrade Res Labs.. This would change the original lab from 1in5 cons to 1-10cons effectiveness. The upgrade would cost x1.5 the original cost of construction and 1.5% construction time/points but would offer a x2 increase in effectiveness. So another example if FCs 0.5% would become 1%.. I would leave amps and dists alone and still hold the cap on FCs and maybe MCs(but that's a different discussion)

So the branch would be as follows:
REs Labs expansion-Ref Expansion-Factories exp- FC expansion- MC expansion.
While I like the concept I would make it simpler. Ditch the upgrade bit and make the bonuses smaller to compensate. No other researches or cons require upgrading time in pa so this would surely be much easier to implement without.

Originally Posted by wades209 View Post
The next new branch is Ship upgrades... So...
The branch is as follows:
Armour upgrade +2% (RP1600)-Damage upgrade +2%(RP1600)-Production cost decrease -2%(RP1600)
I don't have anything against this, and I tend to agree that more research options adds variety. On the other hand because it does not provide for a big change I think this is likely to be among the last research done by most people.
I guess the downside is that this makes calcing a lot more difficult unless the pa calc automatically adds the ship level players are on to the calc when a dev scan is added. It will also have unintended consequences; a damage upgrade helps cat not at all and yet helps xan a huge amount (as they fire first) so making stats more difficult to balance as the statsmaker will need to consider that their stats are then going to be modified by research.
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