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I wish to thank everyone who cared, prayed and looked for my return. I'm back and safe. I'd like to say that I understand the people who say that they don't believe it was true, cause there were too many jokes about similar issues in planetarion, but honestly I can say it wasn't a joke, believe you or not. If you still don't believe, **** off, I don't need to prove anything to anyone, anyway. Actually it wasn't really necessary Ramses to post here about my situation, maybe only telling the right people (those people who care about me and know that we wouldn't joke about it), tho I understand he was kind of desperated, so he couldn't think well.

Those who want to talk to me, my friends, I'll be avaliable on IRC sometimes, till I get my life back on track, which I'm working hard to do. There I can explain better the things, not here.

Again, thanks all PA community, Zeus, JBOY, all my friends and those who sent me positive thoughts. Seems it worked
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