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Re: Remove EXP or nerf it to oblivion

Interesting thread in general, I love the idea of Admirals being used as some sort of fleet modifier for xp/roiding/def as a token and to drive mixed use of fleets.

It's important to have XP rounds now and then, offering more strategical thought and approaches to win. If a round is pure value, it encourages the same old nap/block/value/ground formula that we all know well. Any function that requires thought, strategy and decisions to be made throughout a round by an alliance/planet are important differentiators.

With the offensive stats and roid bonus for turning tax on, introducing more roids into the universe early, this round was always going to be slightly more offensive and we identified it could be an XP round before ticks began and fully committed to it after 300 ticks.

I think FC'ing is a troll/griefer approach to the round that is bad for the community in general as it encourages people to quit the game, which isn't great as we have a small enough community already. However, it is a valid approach to play as a strategy as it reduces incs through fear of retaliation and I have no issues with it.

I find people coming on here complaining that their approach isn't effective as it is in most rounds and therefore the entire game should change is a little farcical. Instead of complaining about the game, maybe you should consider adapting your play to the changes to maximize your effectiveness rather than doing the same shit as every other round.
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