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Re: Remove EXP or nerf it to oblivion

I can see why XP is an annoying for some but it is a very fun element to the game. The ability to drastically increase your ranking from a landing a top planet and getting 10k+ XP is great to see. Removing it would slow down the pace of the game, which I'm not fond of. I am much more in favour of an offensive round and being to land an attack everyday than land one or twice a week.

I think the roid cap formula should be changed to score-based rather than value based. Currently:
"Stolen Roids of type X = asteroids of type x * (asteroids of type x / total number of asteroids) * ( 0.25 * (target_planet_value / your_planet_value) ^ 0.5)"

Value players are getting left behind not being able to cap as many roids. A top 100 value based player will struggle to find decent targets in current top 100.
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