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Re: Round 56 shipsstats

Originally Posted by Tiamat101 View Post
Also emp vs illusion seems kinda high 150% vs xan fi 184% vs illusion.
Also viper vs [email protected] 200%?! Ter De could prolly use a e/r boost.
Same with Oligark 204% & Hornet needs to have its emp res dropped. It just seems weird that pods are emp'd before all the ships firing it will be a repeat of a few rounds ago when caths had to build like 20k mosquitos to camp.
Co Pods were usually emped before the whole fleet last round. They were a pain to stop and this made them less OP. Xan FI pods on the other hand had to have E/R greater than the other Xan Fi as Phantom had so crap E/R that despite their T1 was CO we could consider that they cant fire against any Beetle fleet. Dont know if my analysis was correct but what I got is that how Emp Effectiveness against pods are considered should not be a simple rule.

Originally Posted by Tiamat101 View Post
EDIT: It also seems weird that cath has ONLY one ship that target fi or co.
Cath usually have Spider as another ship that either target Fi or Co but they are rarelly useful enough to people consider to build them. So not having another ship that targets Fi or Co is something not good but far from being that harmfull to Caths. Making Spider the way it is proposed give cath an option to pair with defenders, banshee and nix against FR incs in addition to the use of scarabs.
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