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Re: I've not played since Round Z? What's changed?

I'd like to add a major difference I noticed today.
Fleet return times are 1h shorter than the listed launch times.

Today 11 planets in my gal had a total of 90 hostiles, I had 4 spread over 4 ticks so I send my fleet with ETA 5 to defend a galmate, working out that it will return the tick after my 4th hostile does, thus safe.

Alas after combat at my galmates (I kill all the attacking pods we take 0 losses) it is returning ETA 4h which coincides with the 4th hostile fleet at my planet.

Lucky for me that is a cath fleet and likely won't harm me, but it could have meant doom for my fleet.

There is nothing in the manual about return times being shorter, This is very bad.
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