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Re: Dynamic salvage - a way to retain players?

Originally Posted by Gate
How does this work with multiple attackers? Would it be easy to implement into the code?
I was talking about a thread before, salvage for attackers i believe. and i think making the salvage system any more complicated than it is now would just make things bad.

First off, i completely disagree with salvage for attackers. It doesnt make sense that the ships would go pick up salvage (does anything in PA?). The attackers get roids as their salvage. The defenders get resources for killing ships.

Second, giving more salvage to lower valued planets would help them stay in the game. But the formula should not be based on the universe, it should be based on the attacker and defender possibly with restrictions pertaining to the universe so that a 1 mil planet attacked by a 5 mil planet doesnt get 90% salvage

So basically, dynamic salvage may be useful in the game, but it would take countless hours and days to figure out due to the complexity of all the possibilities in question. If it is implemented before being fully thought out, there will obviously be bugs and exploits found in it. So if the PA team decides to do it. make sure its complete and working. if not, i think its fine the way it is (salvage for a new player with not so many ships wont be that much anyways)
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