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Group 1

Economical Objective

Mankind has reached a new era of discovery and expansion, where the vast distances between stars are not so vast and where new facts about the universe are discovered on a daily basis. The fuel for this 'interstellar revolution' is Peremisium, an element that is a vital component of interstellar drives. With the vast mines of Offworld 205 at its disposal, the Mannaji Corporation has for many years held a virtual monopoly over the production of the element, and is thus excedingly wealthy. With Mannaji having invested in an extensive private intelligence network, it has been quick to lockdown on any corporation mining the element from another source in order to force them out of business through the variety of means at their disposal.

However, with the fringe expanding outwards at such an incredible rate, the Corporation's eyes can no longer see to the outward edge of humanity. An exploration vessel recently came across a new planet found to be containing stores of Peremisium that excede those of Offworld 205, and immediately sent news of this finding via tightbeam transmission to the Star Kingdom of Trannathilan, the nearest moderately-sized power to the planet in question. The King of Trannathilan, conscious of the advantages of Mannaji having some competition in the industry, has set his entire intelligence agency to the task of keeping the planet's nature and wherabouts a complete secret, but has informed the leaders of five small corporations operating within the Star Kingdom of the situation. The King has agreed to give each corporation equal funds with which to set up mines on the planet (G-2137 III). The first corporation to ammass a certain amount of the element through mining will then be given an official Tannathilan-sanctioned monopoly over the stores on the new planet, in exchange for which the King shall be granted 20% share of the profits. Each corporation has already established a forward base on the planet, and selected an Executive to head their mission. The King has stated that anything is above the board, and so this is expected to be a no-holds-barred battle to the death.


Each player will assume the role of an Executive.

Although economical development is key to winning the game, warfare and diplomacy between players is also permitted.

The Winner will be the first player to amass 500 'Resource Points' of Peremisium, thus proving their corporation as the most able to present a challenge to the Mennaji.

The Winner will recieve no Victory Points as this is an introductory round. As a trade-off, they will start off slightly stronger than the other players in the next round.

As mining corporations, your main source of income is profits from the sale of resources that you mine. This means that you don't just want to be mining Peremisium, as you are forbidden to sell this (Mennaji sources would catch on one way or another and the King'splan would go to the dogs). The three mineable resources that you can sell are Hydrogen (low profit, very easy to mine, used mainly for power stations), Iron Ore (medium profit, moderately difficult to mine, used in the manufacture of steel which is still important even in this day and age) and Laranthium (a made-up element used in the manufacture of igh-tech computers like AI Minds. Difficult to mine, but with a high profit). These in themselves are not 'spendable' i.e, they cannot be used to buy tanks with which to destroy your opponent's mines, or mines with which to mine more Peremisium. In order to convert resources to Credits (spendable resource used to buy things), you sell them to the Resource Merchants Guild, who will then ferry them to industrial worlds for sale. How much the Merchant Guild pays you depends on supply and demand. If another corporation is producing 500 RP of Steel per day, the Merchant Guild isn't going to pay very much for your 50 RP. If, on the other hand, you're the only producer of Laranthium, the Merchant Guild will pay a lot per RP for it. If The robot industry is doing very well at home, demand for Laranthium will go up, as will the demand for Iron Ore if, for example, a planetary superpower commissions a new fleet of warships.

With the Credits in hand, you buy things. The build list is fairly simple. You cannot take out loans. You cannot ask the King or your corporation for more money (well, you can, but you won't get any). You cannot produce Credits through any other means than the mining and sale of resources (unless you steal resources from your opponents).

A map (likely a crude one) will be produced by myself, divided into clear zones. You can produce on Base in each zone, and one base only. Bases can be destroyed, and captured, by your opponents. The location of the Base within the zone will not affect the ammount of resources reaped from it in any way. Each zone has a valure for Peremisium (P), Iron Ore (I) and Laranthium (L). Hydrogen is abundant in the planet's atmosphere and can be harvested in equal measure from any zone. Each Base has four modules in each of which you can build one structure and one structure only. Some very large structures take two modules. Construction of new buildings takes a day, as does the construction of new bases in other zones. Mines are required to produce any resource in any zone, including Hydrogen.

All resources except for Credits are measured in Resource Points.

There is no research in this particular game.

Keep track of your military. I will mod all battles myself and my ruling is final. Keep track of your military deployment. Specify which troops are in which area, what troops are patrolling what border, etc. If someone attacks you, you will not be able to post a defense untill after the attack, and so your troop deployment will determine the initial success of your forces. Although it will be possible to win this game through military domination, it will be more difficult that winning through economical means.

Build List
Base Construction Team - 5,000 C (a construction team that works to build a Base in a new zone, thus adding it to your territory. The team is expended in the process. A new base can be constructed in any region of the map)

Prospector Team - 500 C (a team of prospectors able to determine the mining capacity of Iron Ore, Peremisium and Laranthium in any one region. One-use unit)

Hydrogen Processor - 1,000 C (taking up one module, a Hydrogen Processor isolates Hydrogen in the planet's atmosphere and compresses it into cargo containers, ready for transportation)

Iron Ore Mine - 3,500 C (taking up one module, Iron Ore Mines produce Iron Oreby mining it from the ground below. The Iron Ore is processed but not packed at the mine, and thus you need an additional facility to process ore into transportable form)

Laranthium Mine - 6,000 C (taking up one module, this mine produces Laranthium but does not pack it)

Peremesium Mine - 10,000 C (taking up one module, this mine produces Peremesium, which must then be stored in Peremisium Silos)

Packing Facility - 2,000 C (taking up one module, this building packs both Laranthium and Iron Ore ready for shipment to industrial worlds. Can support 3 Iron Ore Mines or 2 Laranthium Mines)

Orbital Hauler Facility - 8,000 C (taking up two modules, this building supports an orbital hauler which will ferry your resources from the ground to orbitting Merchants' Guild ships. One is required for selling resources, but you will only ever need one)

Peremesium Silo - 4,000 C (taking up one module, this silo can store 100 RP of Peremesium)

Barracks - 1,000 C (taking up one module, produces infantry troop types that do not use vehicles)

Aircraft Hangar - 5,000 C (taking up one module, a Hangar capable of housing 8 Squadrons of aircraft. Does not produce aircraft)

Aircraft Factory - 5,000 C (taking up two modules, an Aircraft Factory produces aircraft which must then be stores in Aicraft Hangars. It can produce 4 Squadrons a day)

Vehicle Factory - 7,500 C (taking up two modules, a Vehicle Factory produces military vehicle companies, which do not require storage space, at a rate of 6 per day)

Bunker - 1,000 C (taking up 1/2 module, an underground Bunker that can protect 4 companies of infanry and 2 companies of vehicles from air attack. Cannot be used to house or protect aircraft)

Perimeter Defense - 1,000 C (taking up no modules, a perimeter wall that adds defensive power against ground forces)

Additional Perimeter Defense - 500 C (additional fortifications, no modules)

Intercept System - 2,000 C (defensive structure, 1/2 module, can track and shoot down a limited number of attacking missiles/aircraft)

Sensor Net - 2,000 C (defensive structure, 1/2 module. gives your troops advanced warning of incoming enemies, giving you better chances in defensive battles)

Missile Silo - 2,000 C (offensive structure, 1/2 module, contains room for six missiles of any size/combination along with targetting facilities. Does not produce mossiles)

Missile Armoury - 4,000 C (factory building, 1 module, produces missile weapons of the kind fired form missile silos)

Basic Infantry Company - 20 C (footsoldiers equipped to fight within and without the protective walls of cities. Slow-moving, better on the defensive side)
Mechanized Infantry Company - 50 C (infantry in vehicles capable of moving quickly across terrain, standard infantry unit)
Elite Mechanized Infantry Company - 80 C (highly-trained mechanized infantry, capable of holding their own defensively against heavy armour)

Light Armour Company - 60 C (light tanks, fast moving and good for raiding and watching flanks)
Heavy Armour Company - 90 C (heavy tanks, not the fastest of units but packing a lot of firepower)

Light Artillery Company - 50 C (light artillery that makes useful short-range support. Includes AA capability)
Heavy Artillery Company - 100 C (heavy artillery used over long range. Includes missile artillery as well as AA and antimissile capability)

Special Forces - 80 C (elite troops trained for special ops missions. Not for use in rank-and-file situations)
Airborne Infantry - 80 C (infantry dropped from the air onto a target. Whilst they are extremely useful, they cannot be dropped with heavy equipment and lack firepower. They also have a very finite amount of supplies)

Air Superiority Fighter Squadron (Interceptors) - fighters designed solely for air superiority. Cannot attack ground targets)
Strike Fighter Squadron - fighters able to attack both airborne and ground targets. Form the basis of most airforces.
Bomber Squadron - bombers which can unleash devastating payloads on ground targets but are vunerable to interceptors and strike fighters.
Helicopter Squadron - (attack helicopters designed for ground aupport. Can massacre armour and mechanized infantry alike, but vunerable to fighters and AA emplacements)

Basic Cruise Missile - 100 C (single cruise missile that can be fired at targets two regions away with devastating accuracy. Vunerable to antimissile emplacements)
Advanced Cruise Missile - 140 C (single cruise missile capable of strikning at targets three regions away with great accuracy. Carriers extensive ECM equipment which makes it less vunerable to missile intercepts)
ICBM - 500 C (missile capable of striking anywhere on the map. It is very large and vunerable to antimissile weaponry. Carries a thermonuclear payload)
Tactical Radiation Nuke - 400 C (a modern nuclear device mounted on an advanced cruise missile. Rather than working with fission or fusion to produce heat, the TRN kills with gamma rays. There is no fallout and it is more politically acceptable than a thermonuke. Kills every living thing within half a kilometre of the detonation)

The Corporations
(Produce your own and I'll edit them in. I'll edit them as I see fit so there'll be no unlikelyness. No corporation will have any notable advantage over any of the others so don't bother trying to give yourself one)

Inspectre: Majestic Corporation (A14)
Crazy: McArthur Corporation (A6)
Fluffie: Imperial Corporation (A8)
Badger: Badger Industries (A19)
PK: Raptor Industries (A1)
Zappa: Blackblade Inc. (A2)

Additional Notes
There can only be one base of any corporation in one region at any one time.

Since Crazy entered the group late, there are six corporations instead of the original five.

Everybody starts off with a single base in a region of their choice, 2 Basic Infantry Companies and 20,000 C.

Crazy will be displaying a map on his webspace. I'll leave him to provide a link to the site.
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