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Re: Lowering the alliance limits?

Originally Posted by Paisley View Post
I would also Like to Raise the point that there are too many HCs who aren't prepared to merge because it might mean giving up/sharing power. Whilst having alot of different alliances playing is a good thing I prefer more "contender" alliances playing. R37 having 5-6 contender alliances last round as an example which in my opinion made a really interesting round. Is there anything taboo about ODDR/SUBH/P3NG/ASS/HeX considering mergers?
Mergers aren't as easy as you might think, ODDR merged two times in the past.
First round with rock, but most of rock didn't feel at home with us, and started rock up again a round later.

second time we merged with enigma, which has been an excellent fit.
but that took several rounds as well.

Giving up or sharing power never really is the issue with a merger, People need to feel to be part of a core, and you don't get that by doing a merge.
A merge would only be a quick fix for those alliances, to get people to feel like they are part of something takes multiple rounds.
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