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Re: Covert ops (Anarchy)

Originally Posted by Patrikc View Post
For the love of God, Paisley, read
I perfectly read the post. I even read inbetween the lines of the first post.
Cui bono I hear you say let me go into detail.

Originally Posted by Patrikc View Post
I... I'm getting trolled... Right?..
(forum moderator(s) I'm now going to go into detail as to why I originally posted 2 urls of who I was/history rounds where I used bank hacks to subsidised income. If there is an issue with this post please come and see me)

This is evidence to back up what I was saying...

Originally Posted by Mzyxptlk View Post
as outrageous as it may sound.

R31 My cov op income was around 10% the amount of my roid mining income.
Demo cath at that round was the best set up in terms of stealth level and recovery.
In r37 I went etd for max stealth level but was hampered to match the amount of resources due to recovery rate.
the Max Stealth rate for Cath had been lowered by 5 points if memory serves.

Even though those 2 rounds I was able to cap 30 mill in total resources.
r31 I played normally, r37 I was a dedicated cov oper until mid round.

Who were my bank hack targets? top tier / top 100 planets. Ie high value planets who stockpiled
In the event they got casual inc not only they were able to get ally/gal defence they also had the extra protection of panic buying.
Rightly so there should be a storage cost for that stockpile
I.E. guard wages, population distrubtion, building sec centres.

I am very familar with your playing style patrikc.

folk who had ideally 5 times my own value and stockpiled 3.1million+ of each resource.Using upto 31 agents to get the ideal amount of 310k of each resource. (higher agent numbers usually resulted in failure)

as the formula for the bank hacks I didnt go around hacking noobs with low(er) values as it wasn't profitable.

My values and scores for those rounds would have put me in the low/mid tier brackets.

The last thing PA needs is for top tier planets to have an easier time quite the opposite.
Missing Subh (r15-r18)
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