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Re: To continue JBG's request...

Personally, i dont really care if the games got awesome features behind it, or some glorified version of Paper, Rock, Scissors (which it currently is). Sure, i dont speak for everyone, perhaps i speak for a miniscule minority. Regardless, playing PA, as i do, is all about the competition for me.

Currently, the game totally lacks enough player base/activity to make it a challenge, without running into the same handfull of players, day in, day out. Secondly, it isnt intellectually challenging enough, to provide me with anything other than the same old challenges, other than what the same handfull of hardcore players provide.

As someone who really isnt interested in the tech aspect of PA, but the competitiveness of it, id really like to see two things. An increased playerbase, and a game which is multi tiered (to facilitate the once a week/once a day/24-7 players) with a subtly, intellectually challening game.

They may not aspects which are relevant to drawing in new members, but as an established player, they are are things i consider necessary to retaining return business.

PS. One way around that: Put up a 1k prize for winning #1 planet/gal/alliance. Sure fire way to increase customers. At the end of the day, you have got to spend money, to make money.
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Can people please stop pretending they have no chance of winning at tick 300, you just end up looking retarded later.
^^^^ Can you blv that sh*t?
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