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Re: R75 Shipstats

So Kaiba thinks that Xan fr, that targets 5 things and loses to Cr/Bs/Fr outright(losing to itself) is going to be a problem because of Xan Fake potential.

Thoedd thinks that Ter is overpowered because its a defensive powerhouse and can be covered quite easily with etd or cath.

Mzy again is not helping further the converstation and just picking out word plays. If you have something to say, say it constructively I can handle stats being called shit but I want to know WHY you think they are shit.

Atm im thinking of changing ETD to remove De pods and give them Fi pods and rework the class just a bit also gonna remove a DE and add a CO likely either an emp or a cloak that prefires Xan Fr(less likely)

This will server dual purpose, removes the inherent double team up that ter/etd had giving me more security in that terran will be right where I want it OFFENSIVELY(Limited attack options) Also allows me to taylor etd Fi vs Fr.
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