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Yeggstry has a little shameless behaviour in the past
She has had a new phone for the last couple of months now with a new number :P

As for the topic, I have NOT fall in love with anyone online, as I think that is pathetic, I fell in love with gemma AFTER I had met her IRL. In fact, I hate having an online "relationship" as all we do for a lot of the time is argue.....

No offence gemma (if u actually do bother to read this thread again) but ur part of your thread about me didn't have ANYTHING to do with us falling in love online, so 3/4 of the post is completely irrelevant. Besdies, I dont think they really want to know the details.... :P

"hope these guys don't mind you blurting out your relationships all over the pa boards." - she's not been one for keeping it subtle

It's working out so far.... despite everyone feeling pity for me for supposedly "falling for her deciet" and saying "it will never last" etc.

Here comes the flaming..... :P
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