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Not really for recruitment but as an announcement.

Starting a new tag called "Stellar"

We are splitting away from Kittenz, mostly consistant of members from second tag that I ran for two rounds now.

We should be around 30 members and semi-casual play.

No relations will be made. We will just attempt to Galraid all round without actually targeting specific Alliances. In fact, we will not even ask, accept or hand out intel. This to ensure we are completely impartial and unrelated to any other tag.

If we manage to keep this up we wont be a big threat to anyone apart from the occasional galraids ofc.

If a big alliance do decide to specifically target our players then we will switch focus onto that alliance and try to make them regret coming for us. Obviously we wont cry if we receive galraids against us but we will surely come full force when we are getting ptargetted.

Again, we are totally relationless and will try to remain this way. I do not however rule out joining the opposite block of the alliance that wants to be our enemy if the situation is unmanageble for us.

I can usually be found here or on mIRC if you need me.

Good luck all, have a nice round.
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