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Re: Remove EXP or nerf it to oblivion

Originally Posted by Ultramar View Post
... If ND/Otters were up against Ult this round in a fair score race, everyone would be happy...
Who is everybody and why isn't fair? Because with their strat they aren't currently #1? Or is it because FC-ing 5 times a day for allmost 2 weeks now isn't enough to win or break players will to even login to the game? Thank god this round has a way for players to come back after they have been FC-ed once or twice. Most other rounds you can just stop playing or turn full time scanner/ defplanet if you lose everything.

...there is a distinct lack of chat/activity because nobody needs to come online for def...
Depends, if you are in an alliance who's getting FC-ed multiple times a day for two weeks straight there is activity. Also, FC's don't just happen, they need planning also.
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