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Re: Remove EXP or nerf it to oblivion

Originally Posted by Mzyxptlk View Post
See here for better historical data.

The last rounds that were won by XP planets were 74, 67 (a fluke: def XP) and 59. XP rounds are few and far between. You dislike them, but some people really enjoy them, and for that reason alone I think it's fine to have one every now and again. Honestly, a bit more often than we currently do, in my opinion.

With the current implementation of XP, the ship stats are what determine whether a round becomes an XP round or not. Since those are under 'our' (Jintao's) control, I don't see the problem.
A few more rounds that youŽve not mentioned where XP has been competative with value even though it is a value round.. such as round 75, we did it with zonny. round 72 several XP planets in top 10 and a hybrid won. Round 67 which you mentioned was a travesty and 66 was also competative with xp planets. The other rounds i mentioned XP seems to be competative with value, which is great.. 1 more road leading to rome as one would say.. iŽd love for there to be several ways to win in this game, however my gripes with XP is that its something you cant lose.. which means there is no defensive element to the gameplay. its just att att att, deliberately let people land you cause that means you get less value.. its a bad game mechanic. But if we could come up with something to alter that dynamic that would be great.
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