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Remove EXP or nerf it to oblivion

As the title suggest.. EXP is way to easy to play as, value doesnt matter.. atm the top value planet is at 69th place and hes got 600k more value more than #2..

Currently you do not gain much from actually doing what the game is about.. getting fleet, killing ships, getting more roids... war in general. EXP is becoming a plague to this game. Fleet catching doesnt even matter.

Exp play encourages no defensive fleet or effort.. building a minimal amount of fleet. No matter what kind of stats we have an ambitious/full ally should always strike a balance between attacking fleet and defensive fleet. as it currently stands top 1 value ally has 270mill value and about 100 mill more value than #1 ally.

So please remove exp or nerf it.. nerf it a lot.. if you keep insisting on keeping exp in the game make a way that we can remove the exp score.. Negative exp? from being landed or some stuff like that... but as it is, it is problematic that we cannot counter exp, such as you can with value planets.

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