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Re: Mercenaries: Dark Void

Cortana IV
A large mining colony that underwent a military coup lead by a top militia general two years ago. The majority of the militia backed him. The general and his clique were annoyed by Earth's exploitation of their colony and decided that siezing control of the government and arming themselves was the only way to end it. The majority of the militia backed the coup. Earth immediately sanctioned the old government and the loyal militia backing it. In the two weeks before the local Earth Space Naval task force arrived, the Separatist Rebels had the Loyalists contained in a twenty-kilometre radius surrounding the capital (population 10 million). The arrival of veteran Earth troops along with orbital bombardment capability quickly forced the Separatist Rebels back. The Earth commander had the chance to eliminate the coup at that point, but failed due to his reluctance to commit troops to urban combat. The coup regrouped and dug itself in, preparing to fight a defensive war to exhaust Earth's resolve. Two years later and the war is in stalemate. The Separatists hold superiority in numbers and morale, but the Earth/Loyalists have better troops and orbital capability. Cortana IV is a mountainous world covered in genofixed plantlife, which has flourished in the nitrogen-high topsoil. The result is that battles tend to be fought with more emphasis on air support, artillery power and infantry than on mobile ground formations. A good many bases and thin supply-lines provide ample mission oppurtunities for black ops squads, and both sides are always on the lookout for additional rank-and-file troops.

Available Contracts

Earth Military - Looking for Black Ops Company for month-long Contract.
Earth Military - Looking for high-trained combat troops for airmobile missions. Air transport can be provided, but own air transport is optimal. Two week-long Contract.

Loyalist Forces - Looking for regular combat troops for month-long Contract. Any form of Company able to perform frontline ground combat is suitable.

Separatist Rebels - Looking for any kind of troops for month-long Contract. A slight amount of risk is involved smuggling forces past Earth blockade.

Yakachi Mining Subsidiaries - Looking for highly-trained Company of varying kind to protect mining operations in warzone. Two week Contract.
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