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Re: Mercenaries: Dark Void

With the weaponry and equipment lists finally, after around six months (I kid you not) done, the final things to worry about are finance, transportation and affiliation.

Income comes from successful completion of Contracts. These can range from one mission to several missions in terms of duration. Sometimes (not immediately, you will have to build up a reputation first), clients will contact you directly with Contracts. Sometimes you will be engaged in storyline mission series engineered by myself. More often, after completing a Contract and claiming your pay, you will log on to the MercNet and look for available contracts. To do this, simply post something along the lines of 'access MercNet and look for advertisements' and I'll help you.

You can also take out loans of between 10,000 and 50,000 C. You recieve the cash, available for expense, immediately. You can pay the loan back (+15% interest) at any time, but it gathers an additional 15% for every month (game time) that you do not pay it back. If you're confused by this simply ask me how much you owe and I'll work it out for you. You cannot take out more than one loan at a time, and must finish paying back one loan before taking out another. Only the big, interstellar banking corporations feel safe enough doing business with mercenaries, and so pissing them off by failing to pay back loans is not a clever thing to do.

For the sake of simplicity, transportation on a merchantman will cost you 100 C per man, 600 C per vehicle, 600 C per aircraft and 400 C per artillery gun. The crew of a vehicle/aircraft must be payed for in addition to the vehicle itself. Freight travel is uncomfortable and your men - although used to it - will not thank you for it. For conveyance on faster, more comfortable passenger liners will cost 400 C per man, 750 C per vehicle, 900 C per aircraft and 500 C per artillery gun. Your men will appreciate this much more. The cheapest way is simply to buy your own starship, and although the initial investment (i.e, purchase cost) is very high, you'll find that it pays off in the long run.

There is no 'mercenaries' guild, or anything like it, but whether you like it or not, some Contracts will bring you either into favour or into contempt of certain organisations and/or political bodies. The organisations and a small amount of information concerning each one are listed below:

(These are not immediately necessary and will be editted in later)
`The Root of evil Avarice,
That damn'd ill-natur'd baneful Vice,
Was Slave to Prodigality,
That Noble Sin; whilst Luxury
Emply'd a Million of the Poor,
And odious Pride a Million more.'

-The Grumbling Hive: or, Knaves Turn'd Honest, Bernard Mandeville
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