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Re: Boost scanners

Originally Posted by Ave View Post
its nearly impossible to keep the value up compared to casual players.

Why punish people, who actively try and help their teams?
Increasing value is the last thing a dedicated amp scanner wants since it makes incoming more likely, which means either having to find room for a factory to self-cover, or draining def fleets from their ally (punishment for having a dedicated scanner?).

Originally Posted by Kaiba View Post
I think there is two camps when it comes to scans.

There is purists like butcher who say scanners should be dedicated planets performing manual scans 24/7 for 7 weeks. This is imo outdated though as a game with <600 suffers when 20-30 of its planets are not competing for score or providing active fleets for at least 70% of a round.

On the other side there is someone like me I guess who thinks that scans should be available to all. I think scans reliance, especially with cloaked fleets means too many times players are roided or lose ships because a scanner couldn't be found to give them basic information about what's happening.
Agreed. Defending against incoming shouldn't require a separate small group of people to be available at any hour of the day just to provide information. People don't even need to be around for their ships to be launched for def anymore, so why should scanners? Making scans available for all would also remove any unfair advantage gained by groups with scripts/etc for automated scanning, without having to gather any evidence of their rule-breaking.
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